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BAO is a small Six Seater Bar and a Market Stall. Our BAO BAR is located in Netil Market, Westgate Street, E8 3RL. Whilst our small green stall can be found making appearances in various locations in London. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to receive updates on where we'll be next.

BAO was created by Shing, Ting & Er in April 2013 and was Winner of The YBFs 2013 Award, Street Food Category. We also won the 'People's Choice' Award at the British Street Food Awards 2013 and the 'Best Main Dish' Award.

Send us an e-mail for events catering or collaborations.

我們販賣一系列的小吃, 尤其推薦我們的招牌 - 刈包! 你們可能會在市集裡看到我們綠色攤子的身影, 或者是在倫敦某處的咖啡廳或酒吧中。 歡迎加入我們的臉書粉絲團,或在twitter關注我們的動態。
Shing, Ting & Er於2012年吃遍台灣後創立『包』。 若有任何問題或想洽談合作,都歡迎與我們聯絡。

BAO BAR, Netil Market, E8 3RL Every Saturday, 12-3.30pm

For catering requests or collaborations please contact:

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BAO = BUN. Our Classic Gua Bao is filled with slow braised Pork Belly, home pickles, peanut powder and coriander. The Milk Buns are made using a Tang Zhong Starter and milk. We then steam them so they become soft, fluffy white milk buns.

We carefully consider our ingredients and where they are from. We try to make everything ourselves including our Soya Milk, Cured Meats and Pickles, whilst we also import special products from Taiwan.

Our meat is supplied by Flock & Herd and we also try to import special products from Taiwan whenever we can.

Photo Credit: Huiting Heng

我們的刈包內餡有慢火燉煮的控肉,自製酸菜,香菜加上花生粉。 而我們的饅頭採用湯種法,麵團摻有牛奶。炆火慢蒸後,變成又香又軟的鮮奶饅頭。
我們的肉來自Flock & Herd。
The Bao Bar is located in Netil Market, Westgate Street, E8 3RL.
Opening times are Saturdays from 12 - 3.30pm.
The Bar fits six seats inside and a hatch for the market.

We serve our classic Gua Baos, Soya Milk Fried Chicken
and Pomelo crunch here.

For up to date locations of the Market Stall, follow our Twitter or Facebook. We travel around London for Markets and Events. We are also member of KERB, so we frequently trade at the KERB locations - mainly at Kings Cross

The BAO noodle bar was a temporary six week structure for the NIGHT TALES event in Dalston. The event was held for six week in lead up to Christmas 2013. The event has now finished

That was the most unbelievably tastiest thing that has come anywhere near this area (hand points & circulates around face)

Steamed Pork Bun was the best I've had in London. The buns were made by a formula of water roux starter and milk.. The result was a spectacularly milky white hue and a very neat and refined, pillow-y texture. Very light! (Personally I prefer their bun to Momofuku's)

Steamed to perfection, these large cloud-like buns take the top spot for London's best Gua Bao.

..But know that you must hunt down BAO London and get your hands on one, for this is the most flavoursome, interesting, moreish dish I've yet bought from the wave of London street food vendors.

..There, we ate the best pork buns I've come across (better than Momofuku's, even).. 3 cup frogs legs are inspired by a traditional Taiwanese dish, the three cups being soy sauce, sesame oil and rice wine. These ones (above) had the lightest, crisp batter and an intense sweet and savoury sauce.

It was possibly one of the best things I have ever eaten at Kerb. Satisfied, I headed back to the office to google flights to Taiwan. With street food this good, I need to visit ASAP.

The Classic Gua Bao is very tasty, one mouthfull and in the end I had two. The meat is slow braised and melted to just the right point. When I put it my mouth it just melted. It's tastier than some of Taiwan's Street. The soya milk fried chicken should be their classic too. The chewiness between the meat and the batter is crunchy. One mouthfull and all the memories have come back as if I have gone back to my hometown.

The moist chunks of fried chicken were free from excess oil and battered in a light, crisp and exceedingly Moorish coating flecked with occasional hints of ginger. Even better than the gua bao itself. Bao easily serves up one of the best gua bao in the capital. It's not quite as good as the best American examples, but it's not far off either.

It was on a recent trip that one of most anticipated to do places also turned out to be one of the best and cheapest

You've got to try the pork buns; they're out of this world.

Bao for me was a revelation. I have dabbled in dim sum, and I do enjoy a gyoza, but I've never fully fallen in love with Asian cuisine... The faces of people walking away from the stall collapsed in pure joy as they sunk their teeth into a steamed bun and I made a bee line for it.

My heart did a flip when I bit into the soft milk bun. The juices and tenderness of the braised pork belly together with the slight saltiness of the home pickles and dryness of the peanut powder in the tender milk bun calls for a standing ovation. I loved every bite of the 刈包 gua bao. It was that good.

It was tasty, but to be honest, I'm not sure what the fuss is about. The filling was tasty, but a bit too much for the size of the bun so it kind of just overflowed and left my hand a very sticky mess. The meat was tasty, but the sauce was really powerful.